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Is Jesus God

But He was and is much more than that. The Bible says Jesus is unique in both His person and His purpose. He wasn’t just some spiritual individual during His time on earth; He was both God’s Son (John 3:16) and God Himself—God in human flesh (I Timothy 3:16).

Beyond Blind Faith Every major religion honors Jesus. Who is Jesus Christ? Was he a Prophet? Or is Jesus God? See the historical facts…

Jesus possesses attributes that belong only to God. Jesus is eternal. John 1:1 affirms: “ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

So the Bible tells us that Jesus isn’t ‘God’s human son’, rather, that Jesus, who is co-eternal with God (that means that like God, he existed forever) became human. Jesus was like God - eternal and perfect - but he became human so that he could enter into our world and die for humans.

God does not have a literal wife with whom he fathered children. But he is the Creator of all life. (Revelation 4:11) Therefore, the first human that God created, Adam, is called a “son of God.” (Luke 3:38) Similarly, the Bible teaches that Jesus was created by God.

Yes, Jesus is God, but the answer needs to be expounded upon. When we say that Jesus is God we're using the term "God" in reference to the divine nature. But we have to be careful because we don't want to say Jesus is God and fail to understand that God is a Trinity.

Scripture is an overwelming testimony that Jesus is the Son of God and also God Himself. He said I Am about Himself several times.

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