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Jesus Illusion

eyetricks.com provides a wide selection of online optical illusions and other mind teasing oddities.

To see the Jesus illusion in action, stare at the four dots in the center of the image for approximately 30 seconds, then quickly divert your eyes towards a blank surface such as a wall or ceiling. Yo

Take a look at this amazing Jesus Illusion (Updated 2017) illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

Here we have another piece of artwork painted by the well known artist Octavio Ocampo which he has called

Rotating Wheels The circles appear to rotate when you move your head closer and further away from the screen while looking at the dot in the center.

The mystery mound where Jesus walked on water? Israeli scientists puzzle over how an ancient stone structure twice the diameter of Stonehenge ended up in the Sea of Galilee.

More Optical Illusion Resources : Mirage 3D Hologram Generator Great Gift Idea! - Simply place any small item in the bowl; the hologram looks like it is in the air over the bowl!

The real teachings of Jesus from the Book of Matthew are quoted and explained from Greek translation.

CHAPTER 1. These are the sayings of the living Jesus, recorded by Tomas, who is called Didymus. Whoever learns the inner meaning of these truths will live forever in the Eternal Sea.

An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is an illusion caused by the visual system and characterized by a visual percept that (loosely said) appears to differ from reality.Illusions come in a wide variety; their categorization is difficult because the underlying cause is often not clear but a classification proposed by Richard Gregory is useful as an orientation.

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