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Westworld Bernard

Westworld Season 2's premiere was full of mysteries, but none compare to its final moments: Bernard has killed all the hosts (including Teddy).

The first timeline shows this confused Bernard as he wakes up in what appears to be the present day (but, who knows, this is Westworld, after all).During this time he maintains a quiet composure that borders on confused.

Westworld finally returned Sunday, but the Season 2 premiere arguably left fans with more questions than answers. One of the most curious things to watch was Bernard Lowe’s journey in a world without Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). Warning: There are spoilers below. Though viewers already know ...

If you’re anything like me, then as soon as Westworld revealed that programmer Bernard has been a sleeper host all along, you wanted to go back and watch all of his previous Westworld scenes to a) see which clues the show dropped tipping their hand and b) see if any new insights can be gleaned ...

'Westworld' season 2 finds Bernard experiencing memories from multiple points in time, but what exactly is happening here? Essentially, Bernard is the Dolores of this season. We're going to be getting flashes of things he's done, but not in the order in which he did them.

This Westworld theory says Teddy's brain is actually in Bernard's body in Season 2.

Westworld Season 2's multiple Bernard theory might connect all the way back to Season One.

Westworld aired its Season 2 premiere last night, and while it's clear that we're seeing multiple timelines—i.e. Present Day and Two Weeks Ago—there's a chance we might also be seeing multiple Bernards. It's possible that Bernard simply switched outfits (people do tend to change clothes in two ...

We analyze everything about Bernard in 'Westworld' that could explain why he's malfunctioning, and how he can fix it.

Outside of the Man in Black, Westworld's biggest mystery may be the true identity of Bernard. Is he exactly what he appears to be, just a part of the corporate machine, or is there a lot more to him than that?

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