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Westworld Man In Black

William, also known as the Man in Black, is a main character in HBO's Westworld. He is played by Jimmi Simpson and Ed Harris. William is a first time guest to the park. He arrives with a Westworld veteran, his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Logan.

Advances in technology from William’s time to the Man in Black’s time. In “Contrapasso”, however, Westworld came extremely close to explicitly stating that William and Logan’s storyline is taking place in the past.

A new Westworld theory for the HBO series attempts to reveal the true identity of Ed Harris' Man in Black, and if true, would result in a massive twist.

And tonight on Westworld, the show got aggravatingly close to revealing the Man in Black's identity. Tied up, the Man in Black tells Teddy about the death of his wife and his philanthropic organization.

Full spoilers for Westworld continue below. Read on at your own risk. The Man in Black was always going to be a key player in Westworld, but the Season 1 finale, confirmed he’s actually two key players when we learned definitively William and the Man in Black are the same person. Westworld had ...

The season premiere of 'Westworld' finds the Man in Black on a new mission: Find the door. Where is it?

Who would have guessed that the host who greets William on his arrival would be our best indicator of the shifting time frames of Westworld? (Seeing Lawrence first in the Man in Black’s timeline and later in El Lazo in William’s was further evidence of different timelines, but Angela was the ...

Ed Harris as the Man in Black, a sadistic veteran guest looking to uncover Westworld's innermost secrets. Anthony Hopkins as Robert Ford, the co-founder and Park Director of Westworld. Ben Barnes as Logan Delos, a regular guest who introduces William to the park. Clifton Collins Jr. as Lawrence / El Lazo, a host.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the season one finale of HBO's Westworld.] It was one of the most popular Westworld theories in fan circles from nearly the very first episode, and now, it's confirmed: William (Jimmi Simpson) and the Man in Black (Ed Harris) are one and the same. In the ...

** The Man in Black owes origin to Yul Brynner's Gunslinger from Michael Crichton's original 1973 movie on which Westworld is based.

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