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Westworld Theories

One of these is the answer to "Westworld's" biggest question.

Could Grace and Theresa be the same person? While watching Westworld is entertaining in itself, sometimes it is the fan theories out there on the internet that help to enrich the show.

We tried a theories megathread last week, and while there was some interesting and understandable dissent, it seems like people liked the idea of...

Westworld season one was a prequel, and the main event's just getting started. Here's what we're looking for in season 2.

We're gathering and breaking down all of the biggest 'Westworld' season two theories right here.

With season 2 almost upon us, Westworld theories abound. What next for Maeve? Who's siding with who? And just what IS the big secret?

Will Ford (Anthony Hopkins) return as a human or in host form in Westworld season 2? Let's discuss.

Last night’s episode of Westworld served up some answers to a few questions that audiences have had for weeks. While it was satisfying to finally get more information on a few things — and have one of the earliest theories essentially confirmed — the episode still didn't acknowledge some of ...

Here is the most popular Westworld Season 2 theories to come out of the premiere: Reddit thinks there are multiple Bernard clones and multiple timelines.

We give our theories about what will inform Westworld Season 2 and what will happen next in the HBO hit.

On the eve of the first season finale of HBO’s Westworld, I find myself looking ahead, past the episode right in front of me to as-yet unexplored territory. That reaction seems to be the norm with this show. Better to speculate on what’s next than to luxuriate in the now. Television shows often ...

The Westworld creators have a controversial plan to fight fan theories in Season 2.

'Westworld' confirms some major fan theories in Sunday night's finale, and adds some new twists.

Arnold on Westworld is a mystery. Westworld is a show that breeds theory & this video talks about the most likely Arnold ones. Please Subscribe now! - http:/...

The Best Westworld Fan Theories So Far

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Westworld Theory Is William The Man In Black Is Bernard A Host

westworld theory is william the man in black is bernard a host

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